A Look at Marijuana Tourism in Colorado and Washington

Marijuana Tourism in Colorado & Washington 

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Despite the fact that four states and the District of Columbia have already legalized recreational marijuana, only Colorado and Washington boast of licensed dispensaries that can sell recreational marijuana. Even though weed advocates in these states still face challenges as marijuana remains illegal on the federal level, that doesn’t stop them from promoting cannabis as a main attraction for pot-loving tourists all over America and the rest of the world.

If you’re planning to go to Colorado and Washington to enjoy a pot-filled vacation, here are some offerings that you shouldn’t miss:


  • Dispensary & Grow Tour by My 420 Tours

What better way to sample what Colorado has in store for marijuana enthusiasts but a complete cannabis-themed tour? Although My 420 Tours doesn’t offer anything that you can’t get on your own, the company aims to become “your Colorado friend who holds your hand and shows you this is real.” That’s according to Matt Brown, co-founder of My 420 Tours. After all, the firm really has the most complete of all guided cannabis tour experiences.

Lasting for four hours, the Dispensary & Grow Tour priced at $129 starts with a little education, as guests are given a short marijuana user’s guide while they ride a tinted-windowed party bus that gets intermittently filled with pot smoke throughout the day. The first stop is Native Roots Apothecary for those who want to buy weed on a bargain—as long as it’s below the state’s recommended dose of 10 milligrams of activated THC.

The guests will also be toured around Medicine Man, one of the biggest weed growing facilities in the country. They will then be treated to a meal at Icehouse Tavern before capping the day at Illuzion Glass Gallery, a shop with an extensive selection of functional glass art and smoking paraphernalia.

If you have a full weekend to spare, you can upgrade your Dispensary & Grow Tour to include airport transportation, two nights at Denver Crowne Plaza, a two-hour cannabis cooking class with Chef Blaine Alexander of Conscious Confections, and a Silver Surfer vaporizer on loan.

  • Adagio Bud & Breakfast

If you just want to stay at a place where you can smoke pot in peace, you can try Adagio Bud & Breakfast. It is a 122-year-old Victorian house found in the Wyman Historic District boasting of 420 Happy Hour and on-site cannabis-infused massages.

  • A plethora of marijuana dispensaries

There’s just so many options for marijuana dispensaries both in and out of Denver. You can visit LoDo Wellness and try the Cherry Slider for a relaxing buzz, or you can also visit EuFlora for the more euphoric Ed Rosenthal Super Bud.

Outside Denver, you can try the all-organic dispensary Helping Hands, the homegrown cannabis dispensary Telluride Bud Company, and the outdoor marijuana grower Maggie’s Farm.


  • Kush Tourism

Founded and operated by Chase Nobles and Michael Gordon, Kush Tourism offers a three-and-a-half educational cannabis tour that starts with a walkthrough of Sky High Gardens, a 30,000-square-foot growing facility on Harbor Island. Other places in the itinerary include pot-testing lab Analytical360, pipe-making lab Boro School of Glassblowing, and popular local joint shop Uncle Ike’s.

“Our tour’s more about education,” said Nobles. “We take you to see something you can’t otherwise see.”

  • Cannabis City

If you’re within the Space Needle territory, don’t forget to pay a visit to Cannabis City, the city’s first recreational marijuana store where you can buy your supply of weed.

  • Evergreen Market

Located outside Seattle, the Evergreen Market is a pretty cannabis dispensary oozing with an industrial vibe, thanks to its modern fixtures, open floor plan, and lack of any pot-leaf insignia.

  • Bacon Mansion

Marijuana stigma remains to be a problem among many hotels and inns, but that doesn’t mean that there are no longer 420-friendly accommodations around. One of the best places to check in is Bacon Mansion, a Capitol Hill bed-and-breakfast that permits marijuana smoking on outside porches and patios.

What other cannabis-themed places can you recommend for Colorado and Washington tourists? Voice your opinions in the comments section below – your opinion matters to the nation.

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