A Peek at the Creation of the World’s First Cannabis Ranch

123115_A Peek at the Creation of the World's First Cannabis Ranch 

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Here’s the reality: The pot business is only going to get bigger and better in time. That’s why if you’re Christian Hageseth, you know that the time to build the world’s first ever “weedery” is now, when the marijuana industry is just taking off.

The Colorado Cannabis Ranch is a 50-acre Denver ranch that aims to put marijuana back into nature, where it belongs. It will feature cultivation facilities, tours, concerts, gourmet food, and even tastings, once the law allows it.

“We want to be more like Napa Valley and less like South Padre Beach at spring break,” Hageseth said in an interview with Inverse. “This is a place where we want to invite the public to come in and take a tour. For most people, they’ve never seen a live marijuana plant.”

Hageseth described the whole weed ranch as similar to a campus complete with a main building, automobile receptionary, and a nature-themed main reception hall. “I want people to have a sense of being in nature. The aesthetic we’re going for is really to put marijuana back in nature,” he said.

The process of exposing the marijuana plant in its most natural form through ranch tours is what Hageseth thinks will demystify marijuana to most people. “Hopefully, that firsthand experience will help a lot of people to demystify marijuana so it won’t be so foreign and scary to them. Rather, let them find familiarity with it, and they’ll draw their own conclusions. I hope that conclusion is that marijuana is like a plant much like any others, like roses or grapes,” he said.

Other attractions would include a gift shop to promote their marijuana brand, a restaurant with a rooftop bar, and an amphitheater “because music and marijuana go together like peanut butter and chocolate.”

But aside from concerts from the likes of U2, Matisyahu, Snoop Dogg, and Wiz Khalifa, Hageseth has bigger plans for the amphitheater. “A lot of live music will be the bread and butter, but we’ll also use it for any type of appropriate public event,” he explained. “A community event like farmers markets, fitness classes like yoga, any kind of event that might apply live music.” He even pondered on hosting a political debate. “I’d like to invite the presidential candidates to come out and be on our stage and talk about these types of social issues,” he said.

Profit-wise, Hageseth expects the Colorado Cannabis Ranch to bring in huge revenues. “Just from wholesale marijuana, that number is about $60 million in revenue and about $35 million in earnings,” he said. “The hotel revenue and ticket sale and the restaurant and bar, gift shop, dispensary, all those will go on top of it. So I’m sure we’ll do, as a combined business, over $100 million in revenue each year.”

The current federal law on marijuana may be difficult to navigate at the moment, but Hageseth says compliance is not an issue. “I have a 100% compliance record. I have no violations for any of my licenses and I don’t plan to,” he said. “We’re going to follow all the rules, but there’s realities, too.”

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