After Years of Waiting, Laughlin Opens First Medical Pot Facility

122415_After Years of Waiting, Laughlin Opens First Medical Pot Facility 

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It took 15 years after legalization before Nevada opened its first ever medical marijuana dispensary, but for the town of Laughlin, the wait was even longer.

Just last December 12, Nevada Medical Marijuana opened its doors at 1975 Casino Drive, becoming one of only a handful of retail outlets that have opened in Nevada since medical marijuana was legalized. Only four strains of cannabis were available upon opening.

“As the weeks go on, that’s going to exponentially increase. I imagine in a few weeks, maybe in a month or so, we’ll have up to 20 strains,” said manager Jerad Telles. “The Nevada industry is just developing. Everything is just getting up off the ground. Our manager has really big dreams for this company; we’re just taking flight right now.”

Since Nevada requires all its products to be cultivated and produced within the state, Nevada Medical Marijuana derives its products from its Laughlin cultivation and production facilities. At present, the facility only has around 26 employees, but that number is expected to grow soon.

Nevada has one of the most stringent requirements for medical cannabis, so a patient looking to get medical pot from Nevada Medical Marijuana must present identification and a medical marijuana authorization card. This information will then be entered into a state-run database to determine the eligibility of the individual in purchasing weed, as well as his prescribed amount. Only when the patient is cleared will he be allowed to enter the dispensary, where knowledgeable employees are waiting to steer him into the right direction.

Randy Black, Sr., the company’s majority owner, is positive that they can do a lot of things for Nevada’s medical marijuana industry. “This is an exciting industry; it’s brand new and up-and-coming,” he said. “I’ve been all over the states talking to people who are engaged in this industry. There’s a lot of business acumen and operational expertise we think we can bring here.”

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