Are Accidental Edible Marijuana Ingestions Fatal for Children?

082715_Are Accidental Edible Marijuana Ingestions Fatal for Children 

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Here’s one thing that makes all weed-using parents freak out: a recent study published in the journal Clinical Pediatrics showed that more kids are accidentally ingesting marijuana these days, especially in states where weed is considered legal. According to the study, accidental ingestion of marijuana has become more common among children lately, with the trend increasing from 2000 to 2013.

The fact that cannabis can be found in yummy sweets with attractive packaging doesn’t help, and in fact even contributes to the accidental ingestion of marijuana. Henry Spiller, one of the study’s co-authors, said, “The high percentage of ingestions may be related to the popularity of marijuana brownies, cookies, and other foods.”

Of course it’s natural for parents to freak out, but in reality, the actual statistics are not that bad. In 2014 for instance, The Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center (RMPDC) in Colorado received 151 calls of accidental marijuana exposure, 45 of which involved children aged eight and below. Though these are deemed serious issues, the numbers are miniscule compared to 1,495 calls regarding exposure to household cleaning products and 2,960 calls about exposure to cosmetics.

Hence, the study concluded that cannabis exposure to children is still considered rare and “relatively small compared to a host of other things that pose a danger to young children, such as pain medications, which are more likely to be in just about every household.”

Furthermore, there’s really no proof that cannabis overdose has ever killed anyone, even children. True, repeated use of marijuana may have an impact on the developing brain of an adolescent, but even that is up for debate. The long-term negative effects of weed use are still fuzzy at best, so instead of focusing on keeping kids away from it, why not just try to make the home a safer place in general?

What do you think of edible weed? Should extra precautions be implemented among children? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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