Canadian University Offers Marijuana Classes and Lectures

082815_Canadian University Offers Marijuana Classes and Lectures 

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As the legal marijuana industry continues to boom in North America, so do other sectors that seek to capitalize on the trend. For instance, Kwantlen Polytechnic University in British Columbia, Canada is planning to offer various courses on cannabis, making academic science out of the flourishing weed industry.

Here are the initial courses being taught in the university:

  1. Introduction to Professional Management of Medical Marijuana for Medical Purposes

Set to be delivered online, the 14-week course is going to be composed of two classes. One class is going to concentrate on growing and cultivating marijuana, while the other class is all about moving and selling medical pot.

  1. Plant Production and Facility Management

This series of lectures is perfect for people who are wondering how they can maintain cannabis farms. Some of the things that will be tackled include irrigation options and techniques, crop cycles, and drying and storing the herb. It will also focus on the regulations and legalities of becoming a licensed cannabis producer under the Canadian law.

  1. Marketing, Sales, and Drug Development

Those who want to capitalize on selling and fostering brand loyalty in marijuana finished products will benefit from this series of lectures. According to the course’s online description, it is “designed to provide an overview of the successes and continual challenges within the rapidly expanding medical marijuana market, making it open to anyone, anytime.” The instructor will be Tegan Adams from the Experchem Laboratories, Inc., a company that specializes marijuana testing for producers.

Given that Canada only has 25 licensed cannabis growing facilities, these courses could highly benefit people who are trying to transition from the black market to a legal, government-regulated enterprise.

“You have a lot of people that are really good at growing marijuana who are used to black market and a lot of people that are investing in the marijuana industry are coming from different industries,” Adams said. “There is a gap in the middle where Health Canada is regulating their production and neither of those two groups knows how to deal with it.”

Each class costs around $2,500 CAN per student.

Similarly, some states in the United States where marijuana is legal for both medical and recreational use have begun offering related courses. Harvard University Law School is teaching “Tax Planning for Marijuana Dealers,” while Vanderbilt University School of Law is offering “Marijuana Law and Policy.”

Which of these courses are you planning on taking? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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