Cannabis Makes Its Way to the Luxury Handbag Scene

010616_Cannabis Makes Its Way to the Luxury Handbag Scene 

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If you think that entering the marijuana industry as an entrepreneur is all about growing or cultivating plants, you’re not really thinking outside the box. Ancillary businesses—ones that don’t really touch cannabis are all the rage now, from vaping devices to dating coaches and apps that connect fellow weed users to each other.

With the growing acceptance of legal marijuana, startup entrepreneurs Jeanine Moss and Ann Schuch have thought of a way to enter the pot industry in the most fashionable way possible, reflective of their own sophistication and femininity. They designed the AnnaBis brand of handbags and clutches, especially made for housing all kinds of weed paraphernalia, from pipes to eye drops and breath mints. The bags are also lined with an odor-blocking resin that masks the distinct smell of weed.

“It’s the expression of power and success,” said Schuch, who studied interior design at Parsons School of Design. “(The AnnaBis bags are about) women feeling validated in their choices. We’re going to validate that choice with beautiful accessories.”

The two women came up with the idea after years of struggling with tiny plastic bags and crumpled packages of rolling paper every time they wanted to smoke a joint. “Ann and I have been recreational and medical users of cannabis for years,” said Moss, who at one point served as the spokeswoman for the September 11 Fund. With both Schuch and Moss having extensive experience as consumers of designer accessories, they thought that there had to be a better way for them to enjoy their weed.

The AnnaBis bags are aimed at pot consumers who normally purchase bags like Coach, Tory Burch, and Michael Kors. Hence, it comes with a hefty price tag–$295 for an AnnaBis bucket bag and $175 for a small clutch. It is available online and has been selling well in the US West Coast, even though the company is based in New Jersey, where recreational marijuana is still illegal.

“We’re not focused on selling in New Jersey,” Moss said. “The product never touches the plant. We have to be responsible. We don’t break laws.”

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