CannaCloud: A Breakthrough for Marijuana Vaporizers

112615_CannaCloud A Breakthrough for Marijuana Vaporizers 

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Getting the right dose of weed, whether for medicinal or recreational use, can be such a pain in the neck. Though marijuana products come labeled with ingredients and their exact dosage of active ingredient THC, research shows that these labels can be inaccurate. Lab tests even show that the amount of THC on a marijuana product can be far higher or lower than what is on the label.

Startup CannaKorp has recognized this problem, leading them to come up with a solution known as CannaCloud, a single-serve, pot-based marijuana vaporizer system that aims to be the Keurig of cannabis. To use CannaCloud, the user inserts a pre-measured cup of weed into the canister. The canister then heats the marijuana and fills it with vapor in less than a minute. The vapor comes out of a plastic mouthpiece, ready for inhaling.

But aside from the ease of usage, what makes CannaCloud really unique is that it is possibly the first device to offer scale-weighed, pre-packaged doses of cannabis. The high-tech system can ensure a high level of quality, precision, and consistency in measuring pot doses.

Dave Manly, chairman and CEO of CannaKorp, admits that he took inspiration from Keurig’s K-Cups. After all, CannaKorp has two former Keurig executives sitting at the helm.

“Keurig has standards for what coffee went into their K-Cups. It was very consistent from cup-to-cup, so every time you had a K-Cup from a Keurig machine, it tasted the same. That kind of consistency is exactly what we want to bring to the marijuana industry,” Manly said in an interview with Tech Insider.

CannaKorp won’t grow its own marijuana supply, but it will handpick manufacturers to supply bud for its CannaCups. These buds will then be tested in partner labs to determine its potency, make sure that the strains are of high quality, and that they are packaged accurately. Users can select the strength and strain of the CannaCups that they want from CannaKorp’s partner dispensaries across the country. Eventually, the company plans to sell subscriptions through its website.

“When you pick up one of the pods, you’re able to read the brand, strength, and strain,” said Manly. “We’ll be working with testing labs, so that we’ll be the consumer’s best friend in this industry.”

With all that CannaCloud is offering, the price comes at a premium. The device will retail for $149, but the single-use pod, containing only 0.4 grams of marijuana, comes with a $9.99 price tag—double the cost of a pre-roll joint in California.

“One of our dreams is that someday you’ll go into your CVS or Walgreens, and CannaCups will be right there on the shelf, much like cough medicine,” said Manly. “We may be a ways away from that. But I think as things evolve and people understand cannabis better, I think it could be mainstream and we’ll be right there with a consumer product.”

At present, CannaKorp is raising $10 million for the production of CannaCloud, which they plan to roll out to all states where medical marijuana is legal.

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