Can’t Get Enough of Weed? Here Are 5 Apps to Get Your Pot Fix from

092115_Can't Get Enough of Weed Here Are 5 Apps to Get Your Pot Fix from 

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Whatever your needs are, there’s an app for that. And that includes pot-centric apps that allow you to stay in the loop with the latest marijuana news and trends, find legal marijuana dispensaries in your area, and even meet other people who share your love for pot.

Here are five marijuana apps that you can download and carry in your smartphone at all times:

  1. BudTrimmer

If smoking a joint isn’t enough for you, why not download a virtual game that will let you play an expert in growing your cannabis plant? Featuring timed and arcade modes, BudTrimmer allows you to learn more about growing and trimming marijuana by just swiping your finger across the screen to slash and trim leafy nugs while avoiding those pesky spider-mite-infested nugs. You can even compete with your friends through the global leaderboards and gain enough Kush Kash to unlock achievements and power-ups. At present, BudTrimmer is only available for Android devices.

  1. MassRoots

MassRoots is an app that allows you to find marijuana dispensaries nearby through its location-based features. After being pulled out of the Apple App Store because it also included information on illegal marijuana dispensaries, MassRoots now limits its information-finding to just 23 states where weed is considered legal. This updated version can be downloaded free from the App Store and Google Play.

  1. Weedmaps

Like MassRoots, Weedmaps is a pot-finding app that has been in existence since 2007. It even features reviews that help marijuana consumers choose the best dispensary that’s right for their needs. Available in both Google Play and App Store, it also serves as a knowledge base on everything 420-related, whether it is on weed-themed activism or connecting with other cannabis consumers.

  1. HowHigh

For those who love Foursquare, HowHigh allows you to check in to local dispensaries and show it to everyone on social media. But aside from this, HowHigh also allows you to track your own usage so that you can keep tabs on what strains you’re buying and how they’re making you feel. It also makes the process more fun by giving users badges and listing them on leaderboards to see who among their friends use the most weed. You can download this on both Play Store and iTunes.

  1. HighThere

Marketed as “the global social network for marijuana enthusiasts,” HighThere is a Tinder-like app that allows users to connect with other green-inclined users. An added feature of the app is that the profiles also show their level of pot consumption. You can even invest in the app if you want, as the developers of HighThere are taking in applications for investors. It is available in both iOS and Android devices.

As the rules on marijuana consumption continue to loosen up, expect to see more weed-related apps hit the market in the years to come.

What kind of cannabis apps would you like to see on your smartphone? Voice your opinions in the comments section below – your opinion matters to the nation.

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