Colorado’s Dixie Brands to Launch More Marijuana Edibles

090115_Colorado's Dixie Brands to Launch More Marijuana Edibles 

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If you’re an avid drinker of Dixie Elixirs, then you’re also going to love Dixie Brands’ soon-to-launch offering. Named Aceso, this cannabinoid wellness product is “developed using a specific ratio of ingredients in a proprietary cannabinoid formulation, as well as other synergistic compounds.” It is initially available in three formulas—Wellness, Calm, and Soothe—and can be purchased as a powder mix or oral spray.

“These products are designed to help you become your ideal version of yourself because you’re not sidetracked by other issues,” said Joe Hodas, chief marketing officer of Dixie Brands, in an interview with The Cannabist.

But regular cannabis users are not the only target market of Dixie Brands. This time, the company is also planning to serve unlikely consumers: dogs and cats.

Therabis is a wellness product especially designed for pets, aiming to relieve them of separation anxiety, itching, and lack of joint mobility. Over the last 10 years, veterinarian Stephen M. Katz has been testing and reformulating this product on his animal patients before he decided to release it into the market with the help of Dixie Brands. Available in three formulas, Therabis will be sold in individually packaged sachets.

“It is that unique relationship which drives most pet owners to do anything they can to help their pets when they suffer,” Katz said in the product’s press release. “We developed the Therabis formulations with that very much in mind as we hope to provide pet owners with a healthy, natural way to make every day the best day possible for their pet.”

Both Therabis and Acelso use CBD and other cannabinoids imported from other countries except China. When it comes to THC content, Hodas said, “Anything we sell that has many elements of CBD in it will be well below the most aggressive state limits, .3 percent, for THC. It’s trace, a minimal amount, and it wouldn’t have an effect on any human being or pet.”

The two hemp-rooted products will debut on November in online stores. After that, Hodas hopes to get the edibles sold to specialty stores and eventually larger retail stores, like Petco and PetSmart for Therabis.

Would you ever buy marijuana edibles for its purported health benefits? Are you also comfortable buying weed for your pets? Let’s share our thoughts below.


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