Designated growers can grow your weed for you in Canada

Designated grower farm 

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Cannabis patients registered with Health Canada now have three options for legally obtaining marijuana. They can purchase it from one of the few dozen producers licensed by Health Canada, they can grow a limited quantity for themselves, or they can purchase from a designated grower.

Every patient has different preferences, but some people prefer a designated grower, for a variety of reasons. For example certain strains of marijuana have a more uplifting effect, but these can be more challenging to grow, so they aren’t always available from larger-scale producers.

Some patients might choose to grow their own plants — allowed by Health Canada as of August after a Federal Court decision — but that’s not a great option for Canadians who live in urban settings like Toronto.  Setting up a garden is it a lot of work and requires a lot of space.

But though designated growers have only been an option for medical cannabis patients in Canada for a few months, the coming legalization of marijuana may be preventing some from registering and providing the service.  A report from the task force studying legalization is due to be submitted to the federal government, though it’s unclear when the report will be made public.

Most industry experts see the the new regulations as a stop gap before legalization.

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