Feminism in the Age of Marijuana

120815_Feminism in the Age of Marijuana 

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If your idea of the average weed user is still the hippie stoner, then your head’s still stuck in the ’70s. These days, such stereotypes have ceased to exist. Even that man in a classy business suit that you rode with on the subway is probably getting some during his alone time at home.

Among the most unlikely of marijuana advocates are women, who surprisingly serve as vanguards of the cannabis movement. Many of them are involved in various aspects of the marijuana industry, from growing crops to dispensing and using them. No wonder Tracie Egan Morrissey, the editor-in-chief of VICE’s latest website and video channel Broadly, is adopting a pot-positive and weed-centric angle that puts feminism in the center of the marijuana movement.

“There’s been such a shift in public acceptance in the past few years,” Morrissey said in an interview with High Times. “Women are more associated with marijuana use than ever before. I think it’s important for Broadly as a woman’s interest site to cover that.”

Broadly features a daily 4:20 moment, which Morrissey describes as “super rando—something you want to see when you’re stoned.” Aside from that, the video site has also released a number of original weed-related stories, including “Ganja Yoga,” Higher Education,” and “Pussy, Money, Weed.”

For Morrissey, smoking weed is more preferable than any other vice. “I’m a mom, and I smoke pot. I don’t get blazed up around my kid, but when I’m on my own, maybe I’ll have a hit or two off my vape, because to me, it’s so much more convenient than a glass of wine. I don’t feel like shit the next day. I’m able to chill, but I don’t feel like crap in the morning. It doesn’t have all the sugar and calories. It just makes sense for women—especially with vapes and edibles—for women to be more into weed than wine,” she said.

And she isn’t shying away from incorporating weed into the consciousness of Broadly readers. After all, weed is now part of the feminist movement. “Feminism is mainstream now. It’s the right time to elevate the conversation. “

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