Florida on the Way to Medical Marijuana Legalization

011516_Florida on the Way to Medical Marijuana Legalization 

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The deadline is still on February 1st, but the Florida group People United for Medical Marijuana is not taking any chances. They have secured more than 500,000 signatures to get their comprehensive medical marijuana initiative on Florida ballots this 2016.

They only need a little less than 160,000 signatures by the deadline in order to qualify. The group is trying to avoid what happened in 2014, wherein a similar initiative gathered 57 percent of the votes but fell short of the 60 percent super majority.

If the petition gets approved and the subsequent law passes, Florida will make history as the most populous southern state to legalize medical weed. At present, there are 23 states plus the District of Columbia that have passed their own medical marijuana laws.

Voice your opinions in the comments section below – your opinion matters to the nation.

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