Get Your Weed Delivered Like Pizza through Eaze

120215_Get Your Weed Delivered Like Pizza through Eaze 

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More than a year after being launched, Eaze has arguably become one of the most successful medicinal marijuana delivery companies in California, with operations in Bay Area, Santa Cruz, the Westside of Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. Its partner dispensaries hire drivers from Eaze to have cannabis delivered to its consumers.

And the secret to its success? Instant gratification.

“When our data shows delivery times exceed 28 minutes, we start to see a drop-off in business,” said Keith McCarty, founder of Eaze. “We are starting to create an ‘I want it and I want it now’ economy.”

Indeed, customers are all too happy with the service they’re getting from Eaze. “In college, we wished for this,” said one female customer to Eaze marketing head Jamie Feaster, offering no suggestions to make it better. David Downs, author and columnist for the East Bay Express, wrote that while the promised delivery time of 10 minutes took twice as long, he was still impressed because “that’s still way faster than you can get a pizza in the Bay.”

It also helps that Eaze recently released the Eaze MD app, which is dubbed as the most convenient way to obtain a medical marijuana card. And with the prospect of legalized recreational marijuana looming in California, Eaze is right at the heart of the burgeoning cannabis industry. It has already raised $12.5 million from venture capitalists like celebrity Snoop Dogg.

In the long run, McCarty thinks that Eaze’s business model can be expanded to include all kinds of medicines. He said, “Today it’s cannabis. Tomorrow it could be Viagra.”

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