Get Your Weed Delivered Through Drones

091415_Get Your Weed Delivered through Drones 

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Drones are the one of the hottest technologies right now, thanks to companies and governments that want to leverage this gadget. For instance, Amazon is contemplating on using drones to deliver packages via Prime Air, while North Dakota just passed a law that would allow the police to use drones armed with non-lethal weapons.

Now, even the cannabis industry wants a piece of that sky pie. Trees Delivery, a San Francisco-based startup, is thinking of using drones to deliver its weed beginner boxes to its customers. This thing could work, but the Federal Aviation Administration hasn’t made up its mind yet regarding drone delivery in general.

Still, this didn’t deter those who tried to get drones to deliver pot. Just last month, a drone was caught delivering substances like cannabis, tobacco, and heroin to an Ohio prison yard. Inmates scrambled to get their hands on the goods, but they ended up being pepper-sprayed, strip-searched, and placed on solitary confinements.

It might take a while before the marijuana sector can use drones for delivery, especially since the risk of getting the cannabis delivery drone robbed is high. Furthermore, we don’t want any brawls to happen once again, do we?

Do you think cannabis drone deliveries can become a reality in the future? Voice your opinions in the comments section below—your opinion matters to the nation.

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