Grow your own weed – A starter guide

Growing weed at home 

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So you have decided to grow your own weed.  This is a series of articles about the science of growing high quality Marijuana.  Please check local laws in your area and if legal, let’s grow some weed 🙂


The spot


You’ve picked a very sunny and private place to grow where you have easy access and water.


Grow Space – room, grow tent, grow box, etc. Your cannabis plants need a place to grow! I recommend getting a grow tent in the size that you want if you’re not sure. They create the perfect environment for growing cannabis, and they’re actually pretty inexpensive compared to building a grow box at home.

Temperature Control – some growers get lucky and happen to have a space that’s just the right temperature. For most indoor growers, they will need a fan to vent out extra hot air from the grow lights. Some growers in cold climates will have to protect plants from cold or freezing temperatures.

Growing Medium

If growing outside you most likely are going to use soil. For indoor growers, by this point you’ve chosen your growing medium of the many options available to you.

Grow Lights

Outdoors – The sun is all you need. Make sure plants are getting 8+ hours of direct sunlight every day for the best results.

Indoors  You’ve picked a grow light for your space that excites you. You’ve tested your grow light(s), hung your grow light(s) in your grow space, and plugged them in. Get your grow lights on an electrical timer. Indoor growers should have an electrical timer to automatically turn grow lights on and off so plants get a “day” and a “night” period without you having to remember to turn the lights on and off yourself. The simple models of lighting timers are inexpensive and can be easily found at hardware stores or online.


Choose the cannabis nutrients (if any) you plan on using with your cannabis plants.

Cannabis Plants

Get your cannabis clones or order your seeds. Without any plants, growing cannabis is impossible!

See ya’ll later when I will be back with another in our series on growing weed.  Take care and be safe 🙂

xoxo Carmen


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