Hawaii’s Health Department Releases New Rules for Medical Marijuana Program

101615_Hawaii's Health Department Releases New Rules for Medical Marijuana Program 

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In an effort to make state medical marijuana laws “as patient-friendly as possible while also ensuring patients remain in compliance with existing laws,” as noted by medical marijuana registry coordinator Scotty Malia Ruis, Hawaii’s Department of Health has released new rules for patients and caregivers who grow their own medical marijuana, in pursuant to the new rules adopted by the state in July.

All licensed growers of medical marijuana need to affix a tag at the base of each plant with the patient’s state registration number and expiration date. The tags should be at least three inches long and a quarter inch wide, with blue or black lettering against a solid background.

Each patient is allowed to have a maximum of seven plants. The plants should also be at the registered address, either at the patient’s or caregiver’s, and are not allowed to be split between two sites.

Similarly, all patients and caregivers should have a valid registration card and ID whenever they are in possession of medical marijuana. Otherwise, they are not authorized to use medical weed in any way. The Health Department accepts valid IDs in the form of a driver’s license, state ID, and passport.

In addition, patients no longer need their primary care physician to be the certifying physician to acquire medical marijuana. Any physician with a valid Hawaii medical license and controlled substances license can certify that a patient has a debilitating medical condition that entails the use of medical marijuana. Post-traumatic stress disorder has also been added to the list of debilitating medical conditions.

The Health Department also clarified laws about interisland travel with medical pot, saying that such a thing is banned under state law.

The new rules will affect approximately 13,000 registered patients all over Hawaii. These rules are being disseminated through mail and the Department of Health’s website.

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