How Celebrities Are Taking Advantage of the Marijuana Boom

122915_How Celebrities Are Taking Advantage of the Marijuana Boom 

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As more and more entrepreneurs flock to the legal marijuana scene, celebrities like Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg are also busy professing their love for weed. In fact, both of them are taking it one notch further by creating their own lifestyle brand inspired by none other than cannabis.

According to Forbes, “For Wiz Khalifa, marijuana is more than just an illegal hobby – it’s an identity. He’s transformed his affection for the plant into a moneymaking marketing tool, and in the process, turned himself into a lucrative lifestyle brand.”

Khalifa has created a bevy of concert merchandise made especially for marijuana enthusiasts. There’s the Wiz Khalifa premium rolling paper packs that sell at $10 a pop, which is definitely more expensive than the average paper packet. There are also Wiz Khalifa brand t-shirts decorated with marijuana-themed imagery, hoodies with dime-bag-sized sleeve pockets, and 420 kits composed of rolling papers, grinder, and a baggie.

On the other hand, Snoop Dogg collaborated with Grenco Science to create a line of vaporizers and accessories known as the Snoop Dogg Bush Series. The rapper personally designed these G Pen vaporizers, and even had an online video on how to use the G Pen. He is also the owner of Leafs by Snoop, a cannabis-based product line of buds, edibles, and concentrates with custom flavors.

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