How Much Is Weed in Your State?

010516_How Much Is Weed in Your State 

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Thanks to the Internet, data gathering is a lot easier nowadays, especially when it comes to comparing the prices of pot across 50 states and eight major cities. The Washington Post took a look at the data found on to create a map of state prices and a graph of city prices of cannabis all over the United States.

According to the site, the average cost of an ounce in marijuana in the US is $286.35, with the prices lower than average in green states. States like Virginia, South Dakota, Iowa, North Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming, and New Hampshire sell the priciest cannabis. In general, marijuana prices are significantly cheaper on the West Coast than the East coast.

The price trends appear to be directly related to the supply of marijuana in each state, which is also related to the legalization and decriminalization of the drug in these states.

For instance, the high supply of legal medical and recreational cannabis in Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and the District have pushed their prices down, despite the presence of hefty taxes. According to blog Floating Sheep, there are also lower prices in areas with a lot of weed production, such as in California’s Emerald Triangle, as well as in Tennessee and Kentucky.

The high price in DC, however, might be due to lack of officially sanctioned sales despite legalization last February.

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