How Scientists Are Preventing Monsanto from Weed Monopoly

111015_How Scientists Are Preventing Monsanto from Weed Monopoly 

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For decades, it has been suspected that Monsanto has been developing genetically modified cannabis strains in a secret location in the United States in order to better position themselves in the market once the federal government legalizes marijuana.

But scientists are not about to take that sitting down as they are currently working on the Cannabis Genome Project, wherein they are trying to map the complete DNA structure of cannabis in order to prevent Monsanto and other major agricultural companies from patenting certain strains of the controversial substance.

According to Mowgli Holmes of Phylos Bioscience, the company overseeing the project, one of their primary goals is to create a genetic blueprint for marijuana that would allow it to maintain public domain status and ultimately, “piss off Monsanto,” much to the appreciation of the audience.

But despite the speculation on Monsanto, the company claims that they are not involved with anything marijuana-related. “Monsanto has not and is not working on GMO marijuana,” officials said on the company’s website. “This allegation is an Internet rumor and lie.”

Still, with the cannabis industry poised to grow by as much as $13 billion by 2020, it might come as no surprise that companies like Monsanto would want to cash in on the trend. After all, other major American commodities like corn and soybeans are now 88 to 91 percent genetically modified. Who’s to say that such a thing wouldn’t happen to cannabis?

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