Is Legal Recreational Marijuana in the Works in Mexico?

101915_Is Legal Recreational Marijuana in the Works in Mexico 

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Spurred by the success of marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington, marijuana advocates in Mexico are also looking to effectively legalize the consumption and production of marijuana for recreational use in the country.

Mexico’s Supreme Court is planning to discuss a proposal to legalize recreational marijuana in a session at the end of October following an injunction filed against a 2013 decision by health regulator Cofepris. Judges will vote on the constitutionality of certain parts of a federal health law prohibiting marijuana use.

This is a huge issue for the country, as violent drug cartels are responsible for thousands of deaths in Mexico. Once recreational marijuana is legalized, it could help combat the black market, which use marijuana, cocaine, and crystal meth as major sources of income.

Just last August, a lower court in Mexico allowed a couple to import marijuana-based medicine to treat their eight-year-old daughter suffering from epilepsy. This could be the start of Mexico liberalizing its stance on marijuana.

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