Marijuana and Jewish Cuisine: A Match Made in Heaven

111715_Marijuana and Jewish Cuisine A Match Made in Heaven 

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Ever since marijuana was legalized in certain parts of the world, adventurous chefs in these regions have been trying their hand concocting different marijuana recipes. One of these chefs is Joshua Pollack from Denver, who is fusing Jewish tradition with Mary Jane in his acclaimed New York-style deli.

“There’s something inherent in Judaism about cannabis use,” he said. In fact, Pollack was not the first person to try to connect Jewish values and tradition with marijuana. In 2009, the Holocaust Survivors and Grown-Up Green Leaf Party stormed Israel’s political scene to campaign for elderly rights and marijuana legalization. Unfortunately, the short-lived party was never elected into office.

Weed has also been present in many Jewish conferences, albeit in an informal way. Pollack was recently invited to serve marijuana matzo balls and lox in a Jewish food conference called The Harvest Gathering. After all, his claim to fame was his attempt to cure lox in a marijuana solution, which he featured in his deli, Rosenberg’s Bagels, during a local 4/20 celebration early this year.

“The flavor is really great, not that weed brownie flavor that you try to cover up with chocolate,” said Nicholas Bruno, general manager at Rosenberg’s. Furthermore, the herbaceous flavor of the lox was enhanced with just the right amount of THC so that a single serving on a bagel gives “a really nice, mellow high; you’re stoned, but you’re still able to actually function.”

While the marijuana-infused lox is still not available for sale due to Colorado’s strict laws, suffice it to say that we have not yet seen the last of the cannabis and Jewish cuisine combo.

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