Marijuana Legalization Continues to Garner Support from Americans

102715_Marijuana Legalization Continues to Garner Support from Americans 

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More and more Americans are supporting pot legalization, as evidenced by the latest Gallup survey that showed 58 percent of respondents backing legal marijuana use.

These findings show that the support for legal cannabis continues to rise year after year, with only 25 percent supporting the move back in the 1970s. By 2000, around 30 percent favored cannabis legalization, and by 2009, the number rose to more than 40 percent.

The interest in pot legalization is driven largely by younger people, Democrats, and political independents. Around 71 percent of Americans aged 18 to 34 are in favor of marijuana legalization, and only those aged 65 and older are in staunch opposition.

Similarly, the survey revealed that Democrats and independents were most likely to favor legalizing marijuana, while Republicans are seen to be the least likely to do so. Although none of the presidential candidates endorse legalization, Democrat Bernie Sanders said that he would likely support pot legalization if it came to a vote in the state’s ballot.

At present, marijuana remains illegal under federal law, although 23 states have allowed medicinal marijuana to be available for patients.

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