Marijuana Legalization in Colorado Leads to First ‘Weedery’


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Wineries and breweries should brace themselves for some unusual competition. Colorado, which legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2012, will get its first “weedery” in early 2016.

The $35 million project, Green Man Cannabis Ranch and Amphitheater, the brainchild of Christian Hageseth, is set to open in Denver. Its greenhouses represent a major shift because producers have largely cultivated marijuana indoors; there will also be a performance space, a restaurant, a rooftop bar, a gift shop and, of course, a marijuana dispensary.


Mr. Hageseth, who founded the Green Man Cannabis marijuana company and chronicled his adventures in the medical and legal marijuana business in the book “Big Weed,” says he enjoys his own product but shatters stereotypes. Green Man Cannabis Ranch and Amphitheater is set to open early next year in Denver. It will grow marijuana in greenhouses.

If marijuana was legalized on a federal level, would you put up your own greenhouse? Why or why not?

via NY Times

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