Marijuana Pills Now Available in Europe

090915_Marijuana Pills Now Available in Europe 

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MMJ PhytoTech Limited, an Australian company specializing on medical marijuana, has just sold its first cannabis pills via Swiss subsidiary, Satipharm. For now, the pills are being marketed as a dietary supplement and are only available in Europe for 89 euros, since medical marijuana remains largely illegal in Australia.

“August was a month of ‘firsts’ for the company,” said Andreas Gedeon, CEO and managing director of MMJ. “Our first clinical study was approved, the first CBD capsules were available on our new online direct sales platform, and the company’s first revenues were generated.”

The active ingredient in the pills is Cannabidiol (CBD), which does not contain the hallucinogenic component tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This means that the pills do not induce any psychological effects while also taking advantage of the benefits of CBD, which include relieving anxiety, epilepsy, and even cancer.

MMJ is also proud to say that is uses a ‘Farm to Pharma’ approach, in which the capsules can easily be traced back to its seedling stage. They were also grown without using pesticides and herbicides.

“These achievements represent the progress we have made as a company in the implementation of our ‘Farm to Pharma’ strategy that will see our operations spanning the entire medical cannabis value chain,” Gedeon said.

Should medical marijuana also be made legal in Australia? Voice your opinions in the comments section below – your opinion matters to the nation.

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