Marijuana: Taking the ‘High’ Road to Wellness

113015_Marijuana Taking the 'High' Road to Wellness 

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The legalization of recreational marijuana in several states has paved the way for various ancillary businesses to penetrate the market. There’s the rise of vape shops, which would not have gone mainstream if not for medical marijuana customers. The tourism industry in states like Colorado and Washington has also gotten a boost, thanks to recreational marijuana legalization.

Now, the weed industry is also making its way to the wellness market, with cannabis-infused soothing agents and personal care products.

“My aunt’s grandmother had a marijuana salve they used 60 years ago in Mexico. They’ve been using cannabis in poultice and salves for years,” said James Kennedy, founder of topical cannabis line Apothecanna. “My goal wasn’t just to put cannabis in a salve, but to create a modern product.”

Apothecanna’s line of products includes Pain Spray, which helps relieve minor aches and menstrual cramps, and Calming Cream, which is effective for localized treatment. The lotions are being used in massages at LoDo Spa in Denver.

Marijuana is also being used in yoga classes. Julie Berliner, owner of cannabis bakery Sweet Grass Kitchen and an avid yoga client, said, “I’ve participated in vape yoga. It’s really amazing. I felt a deeper concentration, relaxation, and clarity. Combining marijuana with an activity or experience, it’s about elevating it.”

She claims that she also likes munching on a marijuana edible an hour before class. “Its delayed onset harmonizes well with the flow and is perfectly timed with the final savasana,” Berliner said.

The entry of marijuana in the wellness movement goes to show that consumers are not just in it to get high. “They want to elevate something they are already doing, like yoga, rather than getting the high rule the day,” Berliner said.

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