Medical Marijuana is Coming to Maryland


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Medical marijuana has re-emerged as a contentious issue in Maryland as officials debate how much control local jurisdictions should have over where growers and dispensers set up shop once the state begins issuing licenses next year.

Members of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission fielded questions about the matter on Thursday during the Maryland Association of Counties summer conference in Ocean City, saying operators will have to meet local zoning requirements in order to obtain licenses.


Nonetheless, some local officials have expressed skepticism about whether current law gives them enough control over locations for the facilities.

Baltimore County Councilwoman Vicki Almond (D), who supports medical marijuana, introduced a measure this month to prohibit dispensaries from setting up near residential areas, schools and daycare centers.

Almond suggested at the conference on Thursday that counties can’t be sure whether they’ll have the control they need under the state’s current medical-marijuana laws.

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