Meet the Designer of Snoop Dogg’s Cannabis Product Line

122115_Meet the Designer of Snoop Dogg's Cannabis Product Line 

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Snoop Dogg is perhaps one of the most outspoken celebrities supporting cannabis legalization, producing songs like “Smoke Weed Everyday” and “Keep on Blazin’.” Hence, it comes as no surprise that he is also one of the most fervent entrepreneurs in the marijuana scene, recently launching his first cannabis-based product line called Leafs by Snoop.

Leafs by Snoop is pretty much your usual bud, edibles, and concentrates with custom flavors, but what makes it stand out is its Snoop-style branding, all thanks to his partnership with world-renowned design consultancy firm Pentagram.

“It was actually a cold call,” Pentagram’s Emily Oberman said of the beginnings of their partnership with Snoop Dogg. “They knew us and the work we had done, but had no prior relationship. We met with Ted Chung (of Stampede Management) and we got along well and interesting ideas came out of that first meeting, so it seemed like a good fit, I’m happy to say.”

Oberman knew that in order to stand out in the soon-to-be-crowded marijuana industry, the identity of Leafs by Snoop should appeal to a wide demographic. After all, legal marijuana has one of the fastest growth trajectories of all industries in the United States alone, already worth $2.5 billion today.

Pentagram’s design for Leafs by Snoop features a gilded-geometric marijuana leaf on elegant packaging, totally capturing Snoop’s personality—”smart, cool, and truly unlike anybody else,” according to Oberman. In fact, she and her team listened to Snoop’s music while working on the packaging.

However, Pentagram also faced some challenges because of the ever-changing legislation regarding packaging of marijuana products. “With laws changing all the time, the process was incredibly exciting but also difficult, so the team decided to keep it as simple as possible.”

The Pentagram team also had the chance to sample some Leafs by Snoop products. “It was in a very controlled and adult situation,” Oberman said. “We at Pentagram are light-weights so we were very cautious. But it was interesting, enlightening, and also fun.”

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