Mirth Provisions: Upping the Craft Cannabis Game

100615_Mirth Provisions Upping the Craft Cannabis Game 

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If there’s craft beer and craft caffeine, what is stopping the cannabis industry from going down the same route?

With more and more states considering the legalization of recreational marijuana, it is no wonder that a wave of artisanal marijuana products is entering the market. In Washington, many high-end recreational stores and products are providing a different marijuana experience for the suave consumer.

One of them is Mirth Provisions, a manufacturer of cannabis-infused products. Its first product was a beautifully packaged sparkling tonic called Legal beverages, made from locally-sourced natural ingredients. It comes in three distinct flavors: rainier cherry, lemon ginger, and pomegranate.

Mirth Provisions’ newest product, Drift, is a fast-acting sublingual spray that provides the ease of a vape pen without the smoke. Each bottle contains 100 milligrams of THC sourced only from the best local cannabis and infused into an organic, cold-extracted peppermint oil. It works up to four times faster and is more potent than normal vaping devices.

At this point in time, the young cannabis industry is truly in need of innovation. Drift is just one of the many examples of how innovation is affecting the recreational marijuana industry, making it more responsive to the needs and lifestyle of a vast range of consumers.

Expect the “craft” cannabis industry to continue to flourish in the next few years.

What other unique marijuana products do you want to see in the market? Voice your opinions in the comments section below – your opinion matters to the nation.

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