Misunderstanding Delays Opening of Marijuana-Friendly Ranch Resort in Colorado

090215_Misunderstanding Delays Opening of Marijuana-Friendly Ranch Resort in Colorado 

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If you’re one of the people who are eagerly awaiting the opening of CannaCamp, a pot-friendly ranch resort in Colorado, then you’re in for a huge disappointment.

Despite a lot of viral hype that piqued even the interest of talk show host Jimmy Fallon, CannaCamp isn’t poised to open anytime soon. What was originally scheduled as a July 1 opening was pushed to next summer following a misunderstanding between the ranch landowners and MaryJane Group, the organizers.

“I’m disappointed beyond words that the originally planned CannaCamp Bud+Breakfast location did not work out to our standards,” said Joel Schneider, CEO of MaryJane Group. “We’ve dedicated enourmous amounts of time, resources, and money to the CannaCamp Bud+Breakfast concept; but sadly, our land partners failed to secure the 170-acre ranch in Durango we had been promised.”

The Durango Herald already reported last June that CannaCamp was scrambling to find a new location after the sale of the Wilderness Trail Ranch in Bayfield—the planned location for CannaCamp. The MaryJane Group initially partnered with Vanessa Roberts, a member of the family who owned the Wilderness Trail Ranch for 45 years. When the ranch has been sold, negotiations with the new ranch owners fell through despite assurances from the previous owners that everything would still work out. Now, the MaryJane Group has decided to look outside the Durango area and elsewhere in Colorado.

“We’ve decided that the best way to maintain the integrity of the Bud+Breakfast brand is to discontinue our partnership with that land partner and continue with our own expansion,” Schneider said.

For customers who had already booked their spots for $395 a night to smoke marijuana on the front porches of their luxurious cabins, the MaryJane Group offers other alternatives. The brand still has three other cannabis-friendly bed-and-breakfast properties located in Silverthorne, Denver, and Colorado Springs, and reservations in CannaCamp will be honored there.

How did you feel about the unexpected delay in CannaCamp’s opening? Voice your opinions in the comments section below—your opinion matters to the nation.

Source: http://www.420nation.com/cannacamp-pot-friendly-ranch-resort-postpones-opening-to-summer-2016/

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