New International Research Center Launched in Czech Republic

123015_New International Research Center Launched in Czech Republic 

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If marijuana advocates are accusing the United States government of stifling marijuana research, that is thankfully not the case in Czech Republic. According to a recent press release, the International Cannabis and Cannabinoid Institute (ICCI) has recently been launched “to foster evidence-based exploration with a modern scientific approach to refine the therapeutic applicability of cannabis-based medicines in the Czech Republic.”

Many studies have already shown the various therapeutic effects of cannabis. Yet further investigation remains to be difficult due to the international criminalization of cannabis, the scarcity of research institutions, and lack of funding. Thus, the purpose of ICCI is “to enable scientific examination of the relation between bioactive cannabis compounds and the effect on the human organism in the treatment of specific syndromes and, in the future, systemic health disorders,” according to ICCI CEO Pavel Kubu.

The benefits will eventually cascade to the millions of people using medical marijuana. One of the groups responsible for the establishment of ICCI is Americans for Safe Access, led by executive director Steph Sherer. “The work of ICCI will remove barriers to access for patients globally by bringing together the current knowledge base for cannabis research as it relates to biomedicine, life sciences, and policy sciences to create a platform for sharing, exploration, and education,” he said.

ICCI has also developed partnerships with universities, hi-tech companies, and institutions all over the world. “We are excited to have these institutions, scientists, doctors, researchers, and government leaders on board with our mission,” said Ben Bronfman, founder of Dioscorides Global Holdings, another one of the pioneers of ICCI.

“This is the single best place and group of people with whom to launch the ICCI, and I am confident this institution will inform and advance how the world perceives and applies cannabis-based medicines,” Bronfman concluded.

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