PeaceHealth Physicians Will No Longer Sign Medical Marijuana Forms

102815_PeaceHealth Physicians Will No Longer Sign Medical Marijuana Forms 

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Top Oregon healthcare provider PeaceHealth has announced that it will no longer allow its physicians to sign medical forms for marijuana, even though some of their doctors have done so in the past.

“At PeaceHealth, we believe it’s important to comply with federal law. This means our doctors are not able to sign Oregon State attending physician’s statements for medical marijuana, even though some of our providers have signed the forms in the past,” wrote Robin Virgin, PeaceHealth’s primary care medical director, in an issued statement.

This could pose as a serious problem for medical marijuana patients who have been relying on the recommendations of their PeaceHealth attending physicians. After all, the group includes more than 820 doctors and allied health professionals from more than 40 medical specialties. It has operations in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.

“Why would an entire practice stop signing medical marijuana cards?” asked Chamelle MacKenzie from TJ’s Organics. “In this children’s program that we’re running, it would be really wonderful if I could say to the families in the program, ‘go and speak to your doctor about cannabisyour PeaceHealth doctor.’ But instead, they’re not able to use their private doctors and they have to go to another clinic.”

But PeaceHealth is willing to support their patients who still want to use cannabis for their medical needs.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are committed to helping our patients through this transition by transferring any records they authorize to another provider who will sign the physician’s statement,” said PeaceHealth spokesperson Monique Danziger.

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