Pot-Friendly Theater Opens in Colorado

Pot-Friendly Theater Opens in Colorado 

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Gone are the days when toking is considered taboo. Now, you can even smoke Mary Jane inside a movie theater like the Zebulon Pike 16 Movie Theater Complex, located in none other than Denver, Colorado.

The complex boats of 16 screens, but only theater number 13—to be renamed “Pot Palladium“—will be turned into a haven for dopers. It fits the bill, considering that theater number 13 only shows R-rated movies, according to one of the managers.

“You can actually enjoy a movie while smoking pot and have a very relaxing experience,” he said. “People are very excited to have a smoking theater where they can pass joints and relax.”

The pot-friendly theater was launched just last September after receiving over 8,000 requests to open such an establishment. Rumor has it that the entire complex will eventually “go to pot” as the management is considering converting the theaters one by one into pot-friendly environments.

One caveat: The concession stands will be stocked with the usual nachos, popcorns, hotdogs, pizzas, candies, and Hostess Twinkies, so you better bring your own weed, at least for now.

Aside from cinemas, what other pot-friendly places would you like to see? Voice your opinions in the comments section below – your opinion matters to the nation.

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