Potbox: Delivering ‘Ethically Grown Weed’ Right at Your Doorstep

102715_Potbox Delivering 'Ethically Grown Weed' Right at Your Doorstep 

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With all the talks circulating about organic marijuana and avoiding the use of pesticides in cultivating them, here comes a marijuana delivery service that not only brings weed right into your doorstep, but also lets you know everything you’ve ever wanted about your weed, from cannabinoid content to genetic heritage.

Potbox is a premium medical marijuana subscription service that delivers the “highest quality, most ethically grown cannabis available” from the farm straight to your front door, with strains and blends “curated to meet the patient’s desired experience.” According to Potbox co-founder Evrett Kramer, “Ethical cannabis is grown with the purest intention, with the well-being of the patient and the environment at heart.”

Each delivery consists of two quarter-ounce cannabis strains of their choice and two pre-rolled joints packaged in wax-sealed vials to ensure maximum freshness. Each plant is also labeled with relevant information as well as some short tasting notes, so that you can choose to smoke a joint that has a “creamy zing” or an “acrid and tangy onion zest.”

Sourced from three farms in California, Potbox’s cannabis is personally delivered through Foggy Daze Delivery service. At present, the service is only available to San Francisco residents, although beta-testing is being done in Los Angeles.

One caveat: It costs $149.99 per month to avail of the service—a considerably steep price compared to rival delivery services like The Green Cross and Marvina.

But Potbox co-founder and CEO Austin Heap justifies the price tag by saying that the company “provides a more sophisticated alternative to the various other ‘on-demand’ cannabis delivery services that simply aggregate and deliver whatever inventory is currently available at the local dispensaries.”

He added, “With Potbox, patients can skip the long dispensary lines, the confusion as to what to buy, any questions about freshness, the sketchy messengers of car-service drivers who knock on their door, and all the other hoops they must jump through in order to receive their medicine.”

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