Sparc: The Most Stylish Weed Store in San Francisco

122315_Sparc The Most Stylish Weed Store in San Francisco 

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If there is one marijuana store that can rightfully be called as the Apple store of all pot stores, then that would have to be San Francisco’s premier medical weed dispensary, Sparc. After all, you need to have at least $300 in order to buy even just an ounce of the weed it’s selling, since you’re also paying for the shop’s ambiance, too.

“If you walk into any other business, whether it’s a restaurant or food service business, they put a lot into the atmosphere and customer service,” said Robert Jacob, Sparc’s executive director. “Sparc wanted to do the same.”

And it did, with its communal tables, warm lighting, and award-winning design that feels more like a high-end wine bar rather than a simple pot shop. It has also partnered with delivery startup Eaze to enhance its services.

“Sparc really stands out as a leader in the space,” Eaze CEO Keith McCarty said of Sparc. “They exceeded our expectations around quality assurance and the professionalism of their member services.”

But while Sparc is probably one of the most high-end marijuana dispensaries out there, it operates as a nonprofit. According to Jacob, they only keep the money needed to run the shop’s day-to-day operations, and surplus funds are donated to charities around San Francisco.

But with the cannabis industry set to reach as much as $10.2 billion by 2018, Jacob believes that investing in the market early on will eventually pay off. “This is an excellent place for investors to put money in,” he said. “When you talk about the new venture, the new place where capital is growing, the next hot thing, this is it.”

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