Study Shows Marijuana Might Be Able to Relieve Migraine

012716_Study Shows Marijuana Might Be Able to Relieve Migraine 

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Researchers from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus dug up proof that medical marijuana can actually help patients suffering from migraines. Of 121 migraine patients being treated by medical marijuana at Gedde Whole Health clinic, 103 reported a decrease in their monthly migraines.

“We were not expecting the decrease in frequency in migraine that we saw. It was pretty dramatic,” said Dr. Sarah Anderson, one of the researchers. The frequency dropped from about 10 migraine episodes a month to less than five.

They believe that serotonin is one of the reasons why migraines happen, but they have yet to find out how cannabinoids are exactly working to block this neurotransmitter’s release. “This made us think about a lot more questions that we want answered, and so it would be ideal if we could design those prospective big, randomized clinical trials to look at this in more detail,” Anderson said.

Dustin Weddle is one of the migraine patients who benefits from medical marijuana. “They started when I was a teenager,” he said, referring to his condition. “Once I really got older, I just noticed a severe sensitivity to light and sound.”

He then got his medical red card to manage his debilitating migraines. “I really feel that they will find those actual numbers and stats that can back up the medical attributes of marijuana,” he said.

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