The Connection Between Marijuana and Weight Loss

020416_The Connection Between Marijuana and Weight Loss 

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Medicinal marijuana may not yet be legal in the whole country, but its legalization in more than 20 states has somehow opened up the floodgates of research when it comes to determining the effects of marijuana to the human body. Some would argue that research is still wanting, but at least we now know more about cannabis than we did a decade ago.

And one of the most surprising discoveries that researchers have unraveled is the fact that marijuana might be used to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s not easy to shake off the typical stoner stigma of lazy couch potatoes or struggling artists smoking a joint, but with the growing ubiquity of cannabis in bars, restaurants, and even fitness centers, this image might eventually become a thing of the past.

But does cannabis really have a place in weight loss?

Unfortunately, the answers are not yet crystal clear. It’s obvious that marijuana is not as addictive or as dangerous as previously thought. In fact, marijuana offers a lot of physical and psychological benefits to its users, whether medicinal or recreational. But the effects vary for every individual, so you need to do a bit of experimentation to know what works for you, especially when you want to incorporate it into your fitness routine.

There are certain factors that you need to take into account. One is the way that you ingest cannabis. Smoking is the most common method, but it’s not something that will positively contribute towards a healthier lifestyle. Hence, you may want to try other methods, such as edibles, tinctures, oils, and lotions.

Another factor is the strain or specific chemical makeup of the cannabis you’re ingesting. Though there are lots of hybrid cannabis strains available, it is probably not wise to use a heavy indica strain before exercising because its downer effect. Sativa strains are much more appropriate since they possess energizing effects.

There are some pretty convincing evidences that marijuana can help you achieve your weight loss goals. For one, cannabis use has been tied to lower rates of obesity and diabetes. It can even help you build stronger bones. As you work out, a bit of THC might help you push a bit harder by maximizing your pain threshold and endurance. It also helps improve sleep and relaxation, which is absolutely important in muscle building and recovery.

So while more research is needed regarding the subject, science is currently siding with cannabis. The best thing to do is to see its effects for yourself. Just make sure that you do it lawfully.

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