Thinking of Starting a Weed Business? Apply in Oregon

011216_Thinking of Starting a Weed Business Apply in Oregon 

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If starting a marijuana business is right in your bucket list this year, then perhaps the first thing that you need to do in order to fulfill that is to move to Oregon.

Oregon recently opened its application process to anyone who’s interested to enter the country’s newest industry, with around 70 people signing up on the first day. The state did not impose any limits on the number of licenses it will issue, unlike Washington and other states. Estimates show that Oregon might issue as much as 850 recreational marijuana licenses by 2017.

According to Steve Marks, executive director of the liquor control commission, they will prioritize applications for outdoor production facilities and laboratories. The former is important for having marijuana products ready for the retail market later this year, while the latter is needed for testing cannabis products for potency and pesticides. However, the agency is not likely to approve anything until after the Oregon Legislature takes up marijuana-related issues in session next month.

Lawyer Amy Margolis from Emerge Law Group said she expects her firm to file around 30 applications by the end of the week in behalf of various cannabis businesses. Though she laments that the process is somewhat inefficient, she said, “My hope is that as we submit more of these, that familiarity will breed some contentment with this process.”

It is expected that by the end of 2016, all matters related to recreational marijuana will be under the control of the liquor commission. The agency is planning to employ 33 more people, including 11 inspectors, to oversee the market.

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