Trick-or-Treating This Halloween? Steer Clear of Marijuana Edibles

102215_Trick or Treating This Halloween Steer Clear of Marijuana Edibles 

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It may have been an established Halloween tradition, but the Nebraska Regional Poison Center has issued a warning to everyone who looks to get involved in trick-or-treating this Halloween. Parents are advised to always check the packaging of the treats that their children receive, as they just might be marijuana edibles resembling the packages of traditional candies.

For instance, there’s “Munchy Way” rather than “Milky Way,” and there’s “Puff-a-Mint Pattie” instead of “York Peppermint Pattie.” To avoid these edibles, parents should throw away homemade treats and those that are not in their original wrappers, unless they’re absolutely sure that they can trust the source. To prevent kids from diving into their candy stash right away, parents need to make sure that these children are given a full meal before they go trick-or-treating.

Accidental edible marijuana ingestions are not uncommon among children, with one of the most recent incidents happening in a school in Atlantic Beach. Authorities are now looking into proper labeling of marijuana edibles in order to decrease the reports of children accidentally eating a cannabis-laced treat.

The Nebraska Regional Poison Center has offered a lot of other tips on Halloween safety, including the use of costumes, alternatives to trick-or-treating, and keeping pets safe. Reading these tips can go a long way in making Halloween safe and enjoyable for kids.

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