US Elections – It’s now legal to smoke weed here!


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The historic US elections this week ushered in a migrane-inducing, racist, mysoginist and a potential cure (for the migrane anyway).  Recreational marijuana is now a reality in California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada. Voters in these states all elected to legalize marijuana for recreational use, doubling the number of states where this is allowed. President Donald J Trump is a reality for the entire country.

Getting high for fun was already legal in Colorado, Alaska, Washington, and Oregon. This means the drug can now be smoked without breaking the law along a large portion of the west coast.

North Dakota, Arkansas, Montana, and Florida also voted to legalize cannabis, but only for medical use. Arizona, however, chose not to decriminalize the drug.

California’s Proposition 64 has been described by campaigners as the most important cannabis measure America has seen. The state has the fifth largest economy in the world, and is expected to have a recreational marijuana market larger than Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska combined.  Party on folks.

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