Using Cannabis for Yoga: The Top 6 Things You Should Consider


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Yoga is all about seeking freedom from suffering, stilling the mind, and finding enlightenment by unifying the mind, body, and spirit. Every yogi has different means in achieving such goals, but for some of them, consuming cannabis certainly helps. After all, weed can be used to relax, calm your thinking, and even ease pain before practice.

If you’re keen to try out what cannabis can do for your yoga practice, Leafly lists out the top 6 things that you need to consider before using weed with yoga:

  1. Balance

If you’re not used to smoking a joint right before a yoga session, it can result to falls and accidents not just to you but to your fellow yogi, especially if the class is crowded. Make sure that you can be comfortable and in control in your environment. Experiment being high at home first to make sure that your balance remains solid and that your demeanor remains calm and relaxed all throughout the session.

  1. Breath

Proper breathing is important in yoga, and inhaling cannabis through smoking or vaping can have an impact on your breathing. If weed adversely affects your breathing, give yourself some ramp up time before doing your yoga. You might even want to change your weed delivery method altogether. Just be sure to stay hydrated to prevent your mouth and throat from getting too dry.

  1. Focus

Getting too high may cause your mind to wander, taking your focus out of class and making it difficult to keep up with your instructor. In order to better focus during yoga, start with small pot doses and see how it affects your concentration. If you find yourself losing focus, reconnect with your breath, listen to your body’s signals, and simply go with the flow.

  1. Edibles

Marijuana edibles are delicious, but getting the dose right is a chore. If this is your preferred weed delivery method, you need to learn how to time it perfectly so that the high will hit you during practice and affect you in the most desirable way. Remember that yoga may enhance the effects of edibles, so make sure that you study your doses carefully.

  1. Flower

Many people believe that cannabis flowers will allow you to experience a strain’s flavors and effects in a unique way more than any other form of cannabis. Hence, a strain-specific high may be the best way to fine-tune your yoga-cannabis experience. Keep in mind that consuming cannabis flowers generally involves smoking or vaping, so keep your breathing techniques in mind.

  1. Strain Type

The best marijuana strains for yoga are the ones with a higher CBD content, like Harlequin or AC/DC. Indicas are also great for delivering a body high and reducing anxiety, thus calming and mellowing your mind. To know which strain will work best for you, you can use Leafly’s strain finder to discover each strain’s most commonly reported effects.

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