Want to Sample a Weed Buffet? Ask Seth Rogen

120715_Want to Sample a Weed Buffet Ask Seth Rogen 

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As part of the promotion for his new holiday comedy, “The Night Before,” Seth Rogen took to Twitter to answer questions from his fans—and boy, did he reveal a lot of hilarious info.

He joked that Canadians who aren’t fans of hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky are sent to live in an “igloo on moose mountain.” He also revealed that his favorite karaoke songs are from Disney classics like “Aladdin” and “The Little Mermaid.”

But perhaps one of his juiciest revelations—and something that weed enthusiasts in Vancouver wanted to uncover further—was his pre-show meal before going to the HR MacMillan Space Center’s now-defunct laser shows featuring Pink Floyd’s music.

After admitting that he “sure did” go to these shows several times during high school, he then went on to say: “One time after attending an all-you-can-eat weed food buffet. That existed. It was in some stranger’s house. You paid 10 bucks to get in and you would eat the food they made with weed in it and then you would take a cab to the planetarium.”

Lisa Christiansen, the traffic and arts reported from CBC Radio’s “On the Coast” who asked the question about the planetarium, said that although Rogen’s answer was more than she asked for, it only intrigued her more. “His answer got me curious. Where was this ‘all-you-can-eat weed buffet’?”

Perhaps we’ll never know.

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