Who Allowed Willie Nelson to Smoke Pot in the White House? Here’s the Big Reveal

090715_Who Allowed Willie Nelson to Smoke Pot in the White House Here's the Big Reveal 

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Willie Nelson has achieved a lot more in his life than what any one of us can boast of, but probably none more badass than smoking pot in the White House. He has certainly broached the topic not once but several times, including in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel earlier this year, but no one has really been able to confirm it—until recently.

In an interview with GQ where he talked about his activism for the legalization of marijuana nationwide, Nelson sort of revealed who really made the pot smoking happen in the first place.

GQ: Wasn’t it Jimmy Carter’s middle son, Chip?

And then there’s a pause, not too long but long enough that I feel pretty sure he wasn’t expecting this name. And long enough that I know the name is right. But then—and maybe there’s just a quarter of a second of delete/fast-forward, and a decision is made that there’s no longer any point in getting too hung up about this—he rolls amiably on with the conversation.

WN: “Looked a lot like,” he says. “Could have been, yeah.”

Just to be sure, GQ also asked Chip Carter, now 65 years old, to confirm the story. His reply? “Well, he told me not to ever tell anybody.”

Finally, that case is now put to a close. Nelson did smoke pot on the most sacred residency in the United States—and with the president’s son, no less.

How much cooler did Willie Nelson now become for you? Voice your opinions in the comments section below—your opinion matters to the nation.

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