Who Runs the Marijuana World? Girls!

011316_Who Runs the Marijuana World Girls 

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Women may be fighting for equality for decades now, but there’s one place where they, surprisingly, have the upper hand: the marijuana industry.

According to Marijuana Business Daily, the percentage of women working in the cannabis industry is actually much higher than in all other businesses in the United States combined. Around 36 percent of executives in weed-related businesses are women, compared to only 22 percent of executives in other US businesses.

Some sectors within the cannabis economy even have more lopsided figures. For instance, women comprise 63 percent of executives in cannabis testing labs. Similarly, 48 percent of executives in the edible marijuana processing sector are women. There are also many women who own medical marijuana dispensaries. On the other hand, only 28 percent of women are executives in the cannabis investment sector, but it’s still above the US average.

In contrast, a study from Pew Women in Leadership released last year showed that women are underrepresented in the Congress and even in Fortune 500 companies.

Researchers think that these figures might be due to the newness of the marijuana industry, saying, “In newer sectors, such as technology and social media, where gatekeepers have not yet emerged, women are better represented in positional leadership roles.”

Whatever the reason is, this is certainly great news for those wanting to enter the novel industry. “Cannabis businesses that actively foster an environment where the contributions of both genders are equally valued will without a doubt have more success attracting and retaining the talent that will both set the company apart from competitors and position it to become a market maker and industry leader,” said Marijuana Business Daily.

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