Will Marijuana Edibles Sport Mr. Yuk Stickers from Now on?

011416_Will Marijuana Edibles Sport Mr. Yuk Stickers from Now on 

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In Washington’s efforts to put the safety of its children at the forefront, they are proposing to pass a new rule: put “Mr. Yuk” stickers in marijuana edibles.

According to the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board, these revisions are being done in response to requests from public health advocates, who wanted to put “Mr. Yuk” stickers in marijuana edible packaging in order to discourage children from ingesting them.

This proposal is not without merit, though. Data from the Washington Poison Center show that cases of marijuana poisoning in kids are rising. In fact, the center’s call volume increased to more than 120 percent since 2013.

Several cannabis dispensaries have expressed their support for the measure. “I think it’s a great idea,” said Darren McCrea, owner of Sponacannabis dispensary. “Treat it just like any of your other medication that you’re getting from your doctor. Don’t keep that around your children and don’t keep this around your children.”

If the new rule is adopted, it will go into effect this March 2016.

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